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The North Woods Distillery LLC is a micro-distillery located in Coleman, Wisconsin. Rum is distilled in small batches to a high standard of quality using a specialized still designed by The North Woods Distillery. This craft process leaves room for innovation and experimentation.

Curt Naegeli, a former butcher, baker, and candlestick maker experimented with a clean distillation process and many different flavorings in his kitchen. He discovered after years of trying different formulas and tasting countless batches, he could craft a rum with distinct flavors and smooth drinkability. He designed his own still and refined his proprietary distilling process to produce a cleaner and more pure rum, and launched The North Woods Distillery.

The primary result of Curt’s efforts is the premium brand, Heath Rum: toffee flavored, gluten free, GMO free and 4-Mel free. It is meticulously hand-crafted rum of the highest quality. All North Wood’s rum is processed to remove the toxins left in most commercial rum products, which major brands leave in because of the costs to remove them.

When yeast metabolizes carbohydrates, about 200 different alcohols are created. The only one that makes us “happy” is Ethyl Alcohol, the rest of the alcohols are toxins that our bodies need to clean up and lead to that “sad” feeling in the morning. This means that a bottle of our rum has more “happy” alcohol than many of our competitors products. The alcohol that contributes to that “sad” feeling takes up valuable space inside the bottle; it’s still alcohol, but you’re paying good money for the wrong kind of alcohol. Since the “sad” alcohols have less economic value, it helps the company’s bottom line by creating more profit from inexpensive alcohol’s. Some of these companies even add spice to cover up the taste of these toxins.

Heath Rum tastes like toffee candy in a bottle. The best way to serve Heath Rum is by sipping it at room temperature. This idea of drinking it warm contrasts everything that we have learned and been taught about drinking liquor neat. We have been trained to drink shots cold (usually from a freezer). This makes sense since the majority of these spirits taste bad. We know that it will burn going down; we’ll wince as it hit’s the stomach (an experienced drinker knows how to mask the wince). It’s part of the experience and we all know and accept this. If the alcohol is cold, it can slide over the tongue quickly and we won’t be able to taste much of it. By drinking Heath Rum at room temperature, we can taste all the complex flavor profiles. Sip it slowly, let it bathe your tongue and swallow it slowly. Heath Rum even has a great aftertaste. Some people like Heath Rum best on the rocks or mixed to create unique cocktails.

Curt Naegeli started The North Woods Distillery LLC to show the American consumer, alcohol that is distilled well and flavored nicely doesn’t, by definition, have to taste bad. We don’t have to put up with bad tasting spirits. His desire is to educate the public about this fact and show them that they can demand this level of refinement from the brands that they drink.

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