The North Woods Distillery Story

Northwoods StoryConcrete and steel belong to the hectic pace of a stressful life in the city. Woods and water belong in the story of Wisconsin’s North Woods. Up North, as we call it!

Imagine getting away from the bustling city to relax over dinner and a cocktail at a friendly, cozy restaurant tucked in the woods up north. Enjoy a Friday fish fry surrounded by family and friends. When you’re in the North Woods, there are always memorable opportunities to unwind, forget the troubles of the day, and have fun while making memories.

Cast a worm into a clear northern Wisconsin lake and wait for the bobber to go down. Canoe a fast moving river in spring and feel the crispness in the air. Sing those familiar beer drinking songs with your good friends, gathered around the camp’s roaring fire in summer. Catch the gorgeous colors of fall in the north woods as Wisconsin’s birch, maple, and oak trees paint the forests. Deal a hand and savor the camaraderie of the hunt and deer camp as winter comes around the corner. Are you there yet?

It’s that feeling of being in Wisconsin’s North Woods all year long that drives the passion and operations of The North Woods Distillery LLC.

Ask for it at your neighborhood liquor store! You can drink The North Woods Distillery’s rum products straight, on the rocks, or mixed to create tasty cocktails. A favorite is mixing Heath Rum with pineapple juice to create a drink that tastes like a candy bar. You’ll be amazed at how smooth it is straight, too.

The North Woods Distillery can be found in the North Woods of Wisconsin, in Coleman, where the batches are small and kept to a high standard of quality. It’s a craft process we’re proud to say is all about The North Woods!