Compounds That Create Hangovers

We can’t say that an alcoholic product is healthy, but if you’re going to drink, drink something that has fewer toxins. During the fermentation process many alcohols are produced, but the only one that makes us feel good is ethyl alcohol. The other alcohols (congeners) only contribute to the taste (character) and the intensity of a hangover.

At The North Woods Distillery, we take great pains to remove hangover causing toxins from the alcohol. Our distillation column is so efficient that we can fractionate the alcohols separately. Through two careful distillations, we are able to keep the ethyl alcohol and destroy the rest. This leaves the spirit virtually free of hangover causing chemicals including acetone, methanol, and ether.

Some other brands of spirits have many congeners and thus have less ethyl alcohol. This explains why such a price difference exists between differing brands. The old adage applies: “You get what you pay for”.

The only hangover remedy you’ll likely ever need when drinking spirits from The North Woods Distillery:

A big glass of water before drinking and a big glass before bed will diminish many effects of dehydration. If drinking more than moderately or over an extended period of time, have a glass of water periodically. A lethargic feeling when drinking is usually the result of dehydration.

The most damaging effect of a hangover is taking a pain reliever. Most pain relievers are hard on your liver, but in conjunction with alcohol left in your system, the results are intensified.

A hangover can occur anytime an excessive amount of alcohol is consumed, no matter the quality.

The best hangover remedy and most healthy lifestyle choice is the avoidance of all alcohol.

Please be careful with the Spirits of the North Woods.